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“It was a pleasure to meet you and hear your inspiring message. I am confident that many other safety councils/organizations would benefit from having you speak at one of their safety functions.”

Michelle Francisco,
BWC Division of Safety & Hygiene of Ohio

I heard Stephen Uzelac speak two years in a row at the Ohio Safety Congress and each time I was impressed. His presentation on safety and how it relates to his way of life is something I knew I needed to bring to PolyOne Corp. in Huron, Ohio. At PolyOne we close down our entire facility for our Semi-Annual Safety Day. We brought Stephen in as our keynote speaker and after his presentation our Corporate Manufacturing Director was so impressed with Steve's approach to safety that he is requesting from other Corporate Managers that Steve presents his HEROES Put Safety First presentation to all facilities within our corporate group. We were so impressed with his overall approach to safety and health that we have already made a decision to invite him back to other Safety Days.

Chad Martinez,
Environment, Health and Safety,
PolyOne, Huron, Ohio.

I was moved by Steve’s presentation at the Ohio Safety Congress & Expo. Steve is a genuine person with a good heart. He really opened my eyes to the true course that we have to set for ourselves and our associates. Basically he made me see the "big picture”. I thought Johnny Bench was a good speaker, but his presentation did not move me the way Stephen Uzelac’s did. Steve motivated me. I just needed a little shove to get right where I needed to be. He was most definitely the best safety awareness motivator I have ever heard speak.

Jim Mangas,
NK Parts Safety Staff,
Sidney, Ohio

“Over 65 Black Swamp Safety Council members attended Stephen Uzelac’s, HEROES Put Safety First workshop. The overall quality of this workshop is excellent. Members said that Steve was confident, easy to understand, fabulous, motivational, energetic, and passionate as he presented real life safety information. They found his workshop to be well-organized and clearly understandable as he stayed on task driving his message of everyday safety. Steve truly believes in what he speaks about.”

The Black Swamp Safety Council,
Defiance, Ohio,
Sarah R. Westrick,
Safety Council Representative

A main focus of our Continuing Education programs at Stark State is in the area of professional development and licensure renewal. We used Stephen Uzelac’s workshops, on HEROES – Put Safety First. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Stephen was able to relate to office personnel, utility engineers and wastewater operators. That is a challenge that he met well! I'm happy to endorse Stephen Uzelac. This is what some had to say about Steve. “Mr. Uzelac was the most interesting and captivating speaker I have ever heard… I went away with more in his class then any other…. Everyone should be required to attend a Stephen Uzelac workshop…. Steve is not only a good teacher, but one of the best I have ever experienced…. This should have been a much longer course. A wonderful seminar – I find myself wanting more. An excellent teacher, I would recommend this seminar to anyone…. Mr. Uzelac did a great job. I learned a lot about myself and how to relate with others and safety.

Russ O'Neill,
Director of Continuing Education,
Stark State College of Technology

Over 600 Northwest Ohio bus drivers and educational specialist heard Steve Uzelac speak.” Steve used humor, common sense and great story telling to keep a diverse group interested. He is flexible and can alter his presentation to fit the needs of any organization. His profound message on safety and life leaves his audience knowing that they do have some control over their own personal safety and the safety of those around them. Steve is a professional.

John Wilhelm,
Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center

“Thank you for the absolutely awesome and inspiring presentation you delivered at the BWC Safety Congress. I enjoy how you spread the message of maintaining a healthy mind, body, and soul with a positive attitude. Through all my years of management, it all boils down to attitude. As you so eloquently put it, we can achieve anything with people, as long as there is the right attitude. When I returned from the Safety Congress and was asked how it was, I repeatedly referred to your session; obviously it left quite an impression. Charlie Morecraft was great, but you are smoother with your message of prevention.”

Allan Maggied,
Plant Manager,
Chesterfield Steel Service, Co.,
Cleveland, Ohio

“When I walked into the filled room I began to think is this going to be another uninteresting session. It was all but uninteresting. At times I had tears welling up in my eyes. You are so right, when it comes to health and safety you do need to put yourself first. I know this first hand from my husband. After explaining your message to him, his health has become a very important priority. Again, thank you for a thought provoking presentation, with a profound message and a pleasant listening and learning opportunity.”

Kris Gerwin,
Dept. of Utilities,
Woodville, Ohio,
Ohio Safety Congress & Expo

“I attended a Stephen Uzelac "Putting Safety First" presentation at the Knox County Safety Council Awards Banquet. I was very motivated by his message. His information put safety into a broader perspective and as a result it has motivated me to suggest that some changes be made at our plant. Thank you for sharing your powerful insights. Stephen is one of the best speakers I have ever heard.”

Vicki Carney,
Human Resource Manager,
HiSAN, Mount Vernon, Ohio

"Stephen Uzelac presented one of the most influential workshops we ever heard. Our members said he was motivating, moving, enthusiastic, awesome and inspiring. His knowledge of the subject is profound and his information is relevant to safety and a way of living, thinking and being. His attitude and compassion for others succeeding in life, work and pleasure touched our hearts. Everyone should hear this person share his story and the stories of others. Stephen is one of the best and to many of our members the best they have ever heard”

Margarette Cather,
SW Safety Congress and Exposition,
National Safely Council of Arizona

“The R.E. Burger Plant appreciates Stephen Uzelac for presenting his dynamic safety awareness workshop to our employees. It is very important to send a consistent message regarding safety and I have found it even more effective when employees hear the same message from different sources. Your continued support of the safety program here at the Burger Plant (as well as other First Energy facilities) is truly appreciated.”

James T. Hayden,
Associate Safety Representative,
R.E. Burger Plant

Along with our safety committee I attended the Ohio Safety Congress and Expo in Columbus, Ohio. We attended many sessions and listen to many speakers, and found Stephen Uzelac's presentation to be the best we ever heard. Stephen tells his personal story along with many examples of how people take changes. His presentation is emotional, uplifting, educational and to many an eye opener. Everyone needs to hear his "HEROES, Don't Play Russian Roulette with Safety.” We invited Steve to speak to all of our employees at Weyerhaeuser and many of our people have expressed their gratitude for having the opportunity to hear his presentation... Most felt this was the best safety presentation their ever heard.

Larry Tignor,
General Manager,
Mt. Vernon, Ohio


Stephen Uzelac
PO Box 77
Spruce Creek, Pa 16683
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